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Dali city

Dali ancient City

Dali ancient City located in the western part of yunnan province. The history of the ancient city dates back to Tang dynasty. The ancient city was built in 1382, covering an area of 3 square kilometers.Dali is political, economic and cultural center in yunnan during tang and song dynasty which is about 500 years of history. Based on the distribution of the ancient town 14 above city-level key units to be protected, bearing the Dali historical culture, religious culture, national culture,which is Dali tourism core area.




Shuanglang is a small fishing village near the erhai lake at the begining.It located in the southeast of eryuan county and the east bank of erhai lake. Shuanglang is about 7 kilometers long.


The Chongsheng Temple And The Three-Pagoda


The Chongsheng Temple And The Three-Pagoda are 1.5km northwest of Dali old city, and the west is at the peak of cangshan, east to erhai, and about 1500 meters from the foot of the mountain. It is the largest ancient temple in the history of Dali, and there was a royal temple during the reign of the emperor.The standing out pagodas are showing the remarkable achievements of the ancient people in architecture. 







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