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Kunming stone forest

Stone forest (Shilin 石林 in chinese)  is one of the first state-level key scenic spots approved by the state council in 1982. It is the most typical karst landscape in the world, covering 350 square kilometers. It is known as "the natural beauty museum". Shilin has been awarded the "world geological park" and "world heritage site" by the United Nations literature and education department.


The stone forest is a geological phenomenon, the Stone Forest was a vast of sea during the Paleozoic era—almost 270 million years ago. Later, the movement of tectonic plates altered the earth's crust, this caused the sea to recede and its limestone bottom appeared, thereby forming land. Due to the constant seeping of  rain through the cracks in the limestone, some of the stone formation dissolved and the fissures broadened, producing a group of great sculptures in different shapes, all molded by nature.


In fact, stone forest is a unique landform. In the field of international geology, it was called a Karst landform. Karst is a plateau liking the Northwest of Slovenia and Northeast of Italy, where the typical Karst landform has been formed. Karst landform refers to the soluble rock on the earth surface which has been dissolved by water and has resulted in such phenomena as corrosion, sediment, collapse subsidence and accumulation.So in the stone forests, wo can see stone peaks, stalagmites, dolines, and underground rivers, and so on. In some data said The Stone Forest of Kunming is the best developed and most beautiful one.

Inside of stone Forest, we would certainly be amazed by the vividly shaped stones like fresh lotus, fighter’s sword, kissing birds, flying phoenix, and big mushroom. Just use your imagination .One of the most famous one was called Ashima. It looks like a Sa’ni girl.Sani is a part of the Yi minority,the local minority. She was praised highly in the fairytales of Sa’ni people.Her name is Ashima,long time ago, Ashima fell in love with a handsome Sa’ni boy named A’Hei, because of persecution from another bad guy named Rebubala.They couple couldn't have been together in the end. So, it’s called a story of Romeo and Juliet in the Stone Forest.

The musical and dance film “Ashima” is award the best musical and dance film in 1982 Santander first international music festival in Spain. Because Ashima is wide known,even a local cigarette brand named Ashima for fame, after years, they have been stopped by government.

Entrance ticket: 175 yuan/person

Opening time:  7:00am-18:00

Tips : There will be a 3 km walk or golf car(25 yuan which is faster and easier,we suggest you take it) from the ticket center to the actually entrance, visiting from 3hours to 5 hours depends how you wanna see it. 


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